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News about the railway at the Apedale site.

An alternative to trains & football….

…is it really possible?

Well – yes, we like to think that on Saturday & Sunday (14 & 15th) we can offer a real alternative with live action horse displays around the site and the field gun in action.

There are rather splendid first world war cavalry (think War Horse!) demonstrations in action a couple of times each day in the main arena, a spectacle that many really find fascinating to watch.

In addition to these displays, at regular intervals during the day we will have draught horses in action hauling a General Service wagon (the horse drawn equivalent of an off-road lorry!) and a team of horses demonstrating haulage of the large field gun and limber – ultimately bringing it to a firing position.


Tracks to the Trenches also brings an unprecedented range of First World War Living Groups and displays – bringing some of the history to life, in the replica (& quite authentic) Trench and alongside the vehicles and railway displays.

Get yourself connected….

As we get ever closer to living in the modern age (or the 13-15th July TTTT weekend), our resident engineers have put down their Hammers & Spanners and resorted to using a computational device.

Please see our Event WebCam page!

Tracks to the Trenches – 2018 (The Finalé)


The organisers of the Tracks to the Trenches First World War centenary events are privileged to announce the dates for last event in the Tracks to the Trenches Trilogy in 2018.

Friday – Sunday 13-15th July 2018

Building on the success of the highly acclaimed 2014 and 2016 events, the final “Tracks to the Trenches” First World War centenary event should be one of the not-to-be-missed events in 2018.

More details will be announced in due course – but please contact us if you have any interest assisting us or trading at the event.

4 hours to go!

imageIt’s been a bit manic down the Valley in the last few days!! Two of the stars of the Tracks to the Trenches event this weekend have joined us – the Baldwin from Leighton Buzzard and the Hesketh Bank Joffre.

Apparently our local coal merchant heard that we now had two Joffre-class locos on site and was seen reaching for the holiday brochure.

The horse people have been with us, rehearsing for the horse haulage demonstration using our newly-manufactured swingletree.

imageFinally, we had a slightly unexpected visit by what seemed to be the entire loco fleet of a Scotrtish peatworks; one loco was unloaded and the rest disappeared as quickly as they arrived!

So, 4 hours to go the the big event opening – see you there?

Driver experience course 2016 dates released!

Driver Experience DayWe are pleased to announce that the ever popular “Tracks to the Trenches” Driver experience course dates for 2016 have been released.

This unique “day in the life” (of a WW1 light railway driver) course is a perfect present for special occasions.  Delivered in a special presentation gift box, the voucher has a validity of 18 months, with the actual course date to be selected and booked directly by the recipient. With Christmas just around the corner, is this a perfect present for those difficult people who already have everything!?

Please see for more details – which includes a rather convenient on-line purchase facility!

Something from our recent past…

As the publicity machine grinds into action, we were pleasantly surprised to find reference to our event on a Scandinavian railway forum!

In addition to details about the event, one of the users had managed to find a YouTube video of the Salvage Squad (UK TV Programme) restoration of the Moseley Railway Trust’s First World War 40hp “Protected” Simplex – it’s difficult to believe that this was ~10 years ago now!!

As it is a related subject and we hope that this locomotive will take a starring roll, we thought it appropriate to paste the link here, for others to appreciate a thorough restoration of a historic locomotive.