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News about the event preparations, partners & sponsors.

BattleBus – mission acomplished!!!

The TTTT organisers are extremely pleased to confirm the attendance of the London Transport museum’s “BattleBus” (and mobile exhibition) to Apedale this year & we are extremely grateful to the museum’s staff for being so obliging.battle_bus

Buses like these were used during the First World War to ferry troops to the front line – their use both preceded and complemented the later narrow gauge railways. So, the Bus is an important part of the story we want to tell. Watch out for it on active display around the site!

Although everything is in place to ensure that the bus attends – we always welcome support (publicity & monetary) as these things are difficult to arrange and often costly.

Last minute visitor…..

edgar1We are pleased to confirm that this rather pretty new-build Decauville will be joining us at Apedale for Tracks to the Trenches.

…and we promise (especially if the owner’s reading this) to be more careful with Edgar than the French were.fullsizeoutput_ea1 The photo, by the way, is a bit of mystery (but likely to be taken at a French Fort) – the background is full of interesting things like Crochat petrol-electrics, a Kerr Stuart “Joffre”, a pair of RL-type Orenstein diesels, and what looks like a Gmeinder.

New book – the Story of North British Locomotive Co during WW1!

We are pleased to announce the release of its latest reprint of a historical document that is being launched in connection with the Tracks to the Trenches event.

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO ACQUIRE COPY NUMBER 1 in advance of anyone else!!

We are making available the first (pre-production) copy, 2-3 weeks ahead of the normal copies by special charity auction on Ebay!

Please help support us & watch out for further fundraising auctions via the MoseleyRailwayTrust ebay account

Immediately after the end of the First World War, many companies produced brochures which commemorated their contribution to the Allied victory. One such company was the North British Locomotive Company. Based in Glasgow and former from the amalgamation of various smaller loco manufacturers, North British became the largest maker of railway locomotives in the British Empire. Sadly, the company failed to adapt to the end of steam traction and closed its doors in 1962.

The First World War was North British’s zenith. The company contributed hugely to the war effort. The offices became a hospital for the wounded, and all manner of tanks, guns and other weapons of war (in addition to locomotives!) were produced. On a human level, 10% of the works staff who joined the Forces never returned.

The North British catalogue documents their war effort in great detail. Within the 132 pages of the reprint, readers will find details of the companies’ history and its products during the war. Steam locomotives of all shapes and sizes predominate, including curiosities such as the Electric steam-turbine locomotive, but other products featured include shells, mines, guns – even aeroplanes and experimental military bridges!

The reprint run is limited to approximately 500 copies. Copy One – sure to be a collector’s item – will be auctioned through e-bay. All books are hardback. The original text and photographs are retained, with a modern foreword.

The retail price is £22.95 and retail copies of the book are available through the MRT’s shop at Apedale, and the Trust welcomes trade enquiries.

Profits from the book project will support the work of the Moseley Railway Trust, and in particular the development of the Trust’s collection of First World War narrow gauge railway vehicles. These can be seen in operation at the Tracks to the Trenches event, July 13-15, where copies of the North British book will be on sale (if there are any left by then!).


Tracks to the Trenches – 2018 (The Finalé)


The organisers of the Tracks to the Trenches First World War centenary events are privileged to announce the dates for last event in the Tracks to the Trenches Trilogy in 2018.

Friday – Sunday 13-15th July 2018

Building on the success of the highly acclaimed 2014 and 2016 events, the final “Tracks to the Trenches” First World War centenary event should be one of the not-to-be-missed events in 2018.

More details will be announced in due course – but please contact us if you have any interest assisting us or trading at the event.

4 hours to go!

imageIt’s been a bit manic down the Valley in the last few days!! Two of the stars of the Tracks to the Trenches event this weekend have joined us – the Baldwin from Leighton Buzzard and the Hesketh Bank Joffre.

Apparently our local coal merchant heard that we now had two Joffre-class locos on site and was seen reaching for the holiday brochure.

The horse people have been with us, rehearsing for the horse haulage demonstration using our newly-manufactured swingletree.

imageFinally, we had a slightly unexpected visit by what seemed to be the entire loco fleet of a Scotrtish peatworks; one loco was unloaded and the rest disappeared as quickly as they arrived!

So, 4 hours to go the the big event opening – see you there?

Horse power!

The Tracks to the Trenches event is shaping up well, despite the recent flurry of activity with rail exhibits we have not forgotten other forms of transport and Logistics!

GS WagonWe are very pleased to confirm the attendance of a 1915 horse hauled “General Service” (GS) Wagon and horses from the Royal Logisitics Corps museum on active display. This wagon was built by the well-known railway firm of Metropolitan Carriage and wagon. These road-going wagons were the equivalent of the narrow gauge railway wagons.

We have very recently been able to add a War Department Foden Steam lorry (kindly proFoden steam lorryvided by Mike Wilkinson, Alan Atkinson and Graham Townsend) to our line-up. This will again create a fine sight driving around the event.

We are also very pleased to welcome back the 16th Lancers display troop to our event (Saturday and Sunday only). They will again be displaying horsemanship in our event arena.cavalry2014

Finally, watch out for various displays of pack horses (utilising the new Carey’s water carriers!) around the site and horse haulage of our onw First World War Railway wagons!