An alternative to trains & football….

…is it really possible?

Well – yes, we like to think that on Saturday & Sunday (14 & 15th) we can offer a real alternative with live action horse displays around the site and the field gun in action.

There are rather splendid first world war cavalry (think War Horse!) demonstrations in action a couple of times each day in the main arena, a spectacle that many really find fascinating to watch.

In addition to these displays, at regular intervals during the day we will have draught horses in action hauling a General Service wagon (the horse drawn equivalent of an off-road lorry!) and a team of horses demonstrating haulage of the large field gun and limber – ultimately bringing it to a firing position.


Tracks to the Trenches also brings an unprecedented range of First World War Living Groups and displays – bringing some of the history to life, in the replica (& quite authentic) Trench and alongside the vehicles and railway displays.

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