Something from our recent past…

As the publicity machine grinds into action, we were pleasantly surprised to find reference to our event on a Scandinavian railway forum!

In addition to details about the event, one of the users had managed to find a YouTube video of the Salvage Squad (UK TV Programme) restoration of the Moseley Railway Trust’s First World War 40hp “Protected” Simplex – it’s difficult to believe that this was ~10 years ago now!!

As it is a related subject and we hope that this locomotive will take a starring roll, we thought it appropriate to paste the link here, for others to appreciate a thorough restoration of a historic locomotive.

One response to “Something from our recent past…

  1. I am currently using this video to check as I go along building my own 7 1/4 version which will be at next year’s Track to Tranches event.

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