Railway Exhibits

List of key Moseley Railway Trust Locomotives and visiting First World War railway vehicles at Tracks to the Trenches 2018.
The Moseley Railway Trust will also be demonstrating its vast and unique fleet of First World War railway wagons too – comprising: British Class A, B, D, F, H, K (nearly a complete alphabet!) & trench tramway types, French Decauville & Pechot and US Pershing vehicles!!

 ExhibitMilitary IDCombatantCollection
Brush 4w BE - 16303 of 1917MoM #3British & Dominion - Home FrontAmberley Narrow Gauge Group
Baguley 10hp #76010hp "McEwan-Pratt" Baguley tractor w/n 760 of 1916L.R. 297British & DominionWelsh Highland Heritage Railway
Motor Rail 20hp "Bent Frame" #26420hp "Bent-Frame" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 264 of 1916264British & DominionWelsh Highland Heritage Railway
LR 2478 at Apedale20hp "Bent-Frame" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 1757 of 1918 L.R. 2478British & DominionN. Williams
20hp-tractor-at-apedale20hp "Bent-Frame" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 2197 of 1923 (rebuild of WD loco)L.R. 2573British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
Planet20hp "Bent-Frame" Tractor (Post-War Planet-Simplex) L.R. 2638British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
MotorRail 1111/18 - LR283220hp "Bent-Frame" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 1111 of 1918L.R. 2832British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
nocton_MR20hp "Bent-Frame" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 1935/20 - Diesel Rebuild of WW1 loco.L. R. ????British & DominionLincolnshire Coast Light Railway
Planet20hp "Bent-Frame" Tractor (Post-War Planet-Simplex) British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
Protected Simplex40hp "Protected" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 1369 of 1918L.R. 3090British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
40hp Armoured Tractor40hp "Armoured" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 461 of 1917L.R. 2182British & DominionGreensand Railway Museum Trust
Hudswell at ApedaleHudswell Clarke 0-6-0WT "Wee Pug" w/n1238 of 1916L.R. 104British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
Preserved Baldwin 4-6-0TBaldwin 4-6-0T "Yankee" w/n 44656 of 1917L.R. 778British & DominionGreensand Railway Museum Trust
wd_hunslet_4-6-0t_lr_303_he1215Hunslet 4-6-0T w/n 1215 of 1916L.R. 303British & DominionWar Office Locomotive Trust
Brigadelok 0-8-0T from the North Gloucestershire RailwayHenschel 0-8-0T "Brigadelok" w/n 15968 of 19181091Germany Imperial ArmyNorth Gloucestershire Railway
joffre_apedale_roadKerr Stuart 0-6-0T "Joffre" w/n 3014 of 1917French Artillery RailwaysMoseley Railway Trust
Deutz #50Deutz "Deltaā€¯ w/n 10050 of 1931"50"Representing Germany Imperial ArmyMoseley Railway Trust
PumpCarBuda Foundry - "Sheffield pattern" Pump car US Army Light RailwaysThe Velocipede group
APPEVAFairbanks-Morse "speeder"
w/n ????
US Army Light RailwaysAPPEVA (France)
Fairbanks-Morse "speeder"
w/n ????
US Army Light RailwaysAPEMVE (France)
baldwinBaldwin 50hp Tractor
(Static Display)
French Artillery RailwaysMoseley Railway Trust
IMG_1953Deauville - Type 1 replica"Edgar"French Artillery Railways/Civilian contractorsJ Sutton
amb_van"Ambulance Van" (Gloucester Wagon & Carriage 1918)British & DominionLincolnshire Coast Light Railway - Historic Vehicles Trust
Class "P" Ration Wagon (GR Turner 1916)British & DominionLincolnshire Coast Light Railway - Historic Vehicles Trust