Railway Exhibits

 ExhibitMilitary IDCombatantCollection
20hp-tractor-at-apedale20hp "Bent-Frame" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 2197 of 1923 (rebuild of WD loco)L.R. 2573British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
Planet20hp "Bent-Frame" Tractor (Post-War Planet-Simplex) L.R. 2638British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
MotorRail 1111/18 - LR283220hp "Bent-Frame" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 1111 of 1918L.R. 2832British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
Planet20hp "Bent-Frame" Tractor (Post-War Planet-Simplex) British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
Protected Simplex40hp "Protected" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 1369 of 1918L.R. 3090British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
40hp Armoured Tractor40hp "Armoured" Motor Rail Tractor w/n 461 of 1917L.R. 2182British & DominionGreensand Railway Museum Trust
Hudswell at ApedaleHudswell Clarke 0-6-0WT "Wee Pug" w/n1238 of 1916L.R. 104British & DominionMoseley Railway Trust
Preserved Baldwin 4-6-0TBaldwin 4-6-0T "Yankee" w/n 44656 of 1917L.R. 778British & DominionGreensand Railway Museum Trust
Brigadelok 0-8-0T from the North Gloucestershire RailwayHenschel 0-8-0T "Brigadelok" w/n 15968 of 19181091Germany Imperial ArmyNorth Gloucestershire Railway
joffre_apedale_roadKerr Stuart 0-6-0T "Joffre" w/n 3014 of 1917French Artillery RailwaysMoseley Railway Trust
Deutz #50Deutz "Deltaā€¯ w/n 10050 of 1931"50"Representing Germany Imperial ArmyMoseley Railway Trust
PumpCarBuda Foundry - "Sheffield pattern" Pump car US Army Light RailwaysThe Velocipede group