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Book Launch!

The Moseley Railway Trust (our parent organisation) takes the “museum” side of things very seriously. The production and publication of books and other learned treatise is a key part of this element of the Trust’s work. Possibly the best-known such work (within railway circles) is the legendary A Guide to Simplex Locomotives book, described as the definitive work on the subject (not by the authors either, which makes a nice change). This book, into its nth reprint, is still available.

However, the point of all this is to bring your attention, dear reader, to the MRT’s latest venture in this area. We have teamed up with Railway Gazette International who publish a very grown-up magazine about proper trains and the rail industry, to reprint their 1920 special edition on War Transport. This sponsorship arrangement has been kindly instigated to help us prepare for our First World War museum area developments and to support our Tracks to the Trenches event.

Back in 1920, this would have been the first time that most readers would have become aware of the machines and techniques used to achieve the recent victory Please click here to download the order form.– much of it had been secret until then. Key topics covered are the vast standard gauge (also know as Broad Gauge to the railway crews) and narrow gauge railway operations – as well as the work of the lesser known Directorate of Inland Waterways and Dock operations (covering canals, harbours and train ferries).

Since 1920, copies of this special edition have been highly prized collectors’ items. We have had the original professionally scanned and enhanced, to maximise the reproduction of the many pictures. New colour covers and a foreword have been added. The book is “A4” size, and contains 160 pages. We expect to receive retail copies of the book in early October 2013.

Please call in at the Apedale shop if you’re in the area, or download the flyer from here to order your copy!