FW: News from Toddington narrow gauge

Every so often news & requests for info reach me, about WW1 and related
items/research projects.
This weeks’ intrigue followed the e-mail from the North Gloucestershire
(Narrow Gauge) Railway based at Toddington, Gloucestershire to the Moseley
Railway Trust’s main website (copied below) – updates to follow:

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 1:43 PM
Subject: News from Toddington narrow gauge

Hello greetings from the narrow gauge at Toddington. For your information.

The North Gloucestershire Railway Company, operator of the two foot gauge line at Toddington, has acquired a rare narrow gauge carriage body which was discovered just six miles away at Teddington Fields. The carriage was situated close to a busy main road for around eighty years, used initially by the owners as extra accommodation and latterly as a storeroom.

Constructed by the Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co on a War
Department D wagon wooden frame it is a semi-open vehicle with glazed
windows on the sides and ends, and is fitted for electric lighting.

The carriage is believed to date from the post World War One period, but its
earliest history before arrival at Teddington Fields is shrouded in mystery and research is still ongoing.

Considering the length of time the carriage has been standing in the open,
it is in remarkable condition, as the roof was covered in corrugated tin sheets, while carrying wheels kept it off the ground and the open doorways were boarded up.

The carriage, generously donated to the North Gloucestershire Railway by the Overbury Estate on whose land it was located, has just been moved to
Toddington where it will be restored in due course.’

With the Trust’s interest in WWI stock, thought you might find this interesting. Also we are very keen to unravel the history of the vehicle, which is unclear at present, so any thoughts are welcome.

I attach two pictures, one immediately on its arrival at Toddington on 4 March and the other on 6 March after removal of most of the extraneous material added by the previous owners. Please feel free to pass this on to any interested parties within your group or elsewhere. Thanks, North Gloucestershire Railway Co Ltd.

2 Responses to FW: News from Toddington narrow gauge

  1. Alec Kendall

    I’m wondering whether you have actually discovered the long-lost British 3rd Army WDLR Staff Inspection Coach of WW1. No photos of it in service are known to exist, although it is described as being of superior, glazed construction. Have you discovered any traces of military history on the remaining bodywork? It would probably have been constructed in a field workshop and run on standard WDLR bogies.

    • Hi Alec,
      I think this is almost certainly one of the Road-Rails Carriages from the Wembley empire exhibition. I’ll try to update this with a makers photo at some stage – you can see the family resemblance on the end windows with the Ashover Gloucester carriages.

      I’ve seen 2 Inspection carriages (seemingly built on Class D wagons) so far – plus the Canadian Officers car which was built on German feldbahn bogies.

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