Apedale Progress!


Sorry that it has been a little while since the last post (again!) – I have been completely overwhelmed with work at Apedale recently. This has included some WW1 rolling stock projects & organisation of our major Annual Gala (10/11th September).

Anyway, you may have read about the progress being made with some WDLR bogies over the last few months. these have finally made it under a vehicle…

p1020037s p1020052s

In addition to this newly reconstructed Class D wagon, we also managed to turn out our Kerr Stuart Joffre Locomotive. This is as accurate a restoration as we could manage back to WW1 condition. Seen here with our 40hp Simplex – a sight almost certainly not seen since a around 1919!

p1020057s DATE FOR THE DIARY – 8/9th September 2012!


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